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PYP Librarian Teaching Internship

Teaching Staff · Busan, Gijang-eup
Department Teaching Staff
Employment Type 1 Year Internship

PYP Librarian Teaching Internship for the 2020-21 Academic Year.

This position would be ideal for a newly qualified teacher librarian seeking experience in an IB World School. Ongoing support and training will be provided for the successful candidate.



Professional Knowledge

  1. Be aware of trends via membership in professional organizations, attending professional workshops and meetings and reading professional journals and vlogs. Keep current with developments in the profession.

Programme Planning and Management

  1. Actively promote student information literacy and digital literacy across the curriculum.

  2. Maintain records of equipment repair expenses for long-range planning for replacement.

  3. Manage purchasing, receipts, and records to monitor budget expenditures against budget.

  4. Manage a budget that balances print and non-print materials.

  5. Team with teachers to design learning engagements which incorporate information resources and approaches needed to achieve outcomes.

  6. Participate in the planning and development of changes in the physical facilities and in the opening and closing of the libraries.

  7. Teach media skills and digital citizenship skills as needed, including formulating questions to aid in research, choosing appropriate resources and citing sources.

  8. Select and order materials appropriate for the grade level and curriculum,  including materials for students who function above and below grade level and EAL students.

  9. Develop the library budget with consideration for current and future resource needs in all areas within the available budget.

Programme Delivery

  1. Assist students in locating materials appropriate to their reading and interest levels.

  2. Assist in the evaluation of student achievement of information outcomes.

  3. Teach additional or supplemental lessons to small groups and individuals when appropriate and as time permits.

  4. Teach responsible behavior in the care and return of materials.

  5. Teach responsible behavior in the use of technology.

  6. Be consistent in supervising students and their behavior.

  7. Teach the skills of information location, access, evaluation, use and communication as they relate to the program of instruction to both students and teachers, as time permits.

  8. Provide bibliographies upon request.

  9. Maintain a consideration document to be used in ordering materials.

  10. Conduct a regular inventory to determine the status of the collection.

  11. Provide a pleasant atmosphere conducive to reading and study.

  12. Supplement and reinforce appropriate media skills.

  13. Utilize cataloging skills in maintaining an updated automated online library catalog (Follett Destiny) and in preparing materials for processing.

  14. Schedule research classes and small groups into the libraries, supervise research and assist with behavior management.

  15. Assist in the coordination of the Exhibition, Personal Project and Extended Essay.

Communication and Collaboration

  1. Equip students and staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to be academically honest.

  2. Consult and consider input from staff members and students when selecting materials.

  3. Collaborate with teachers to identify appropriate information resources and learning strategies to help students reach defined learning objectives.

  4. Direct and support staff in the day-to-day operations of the libraries.

  5. Alert staff members to new materials they might utilize.

  6. Monitor the return of materials by generating overdue reports and communicating with students, families and staff in a timely manner.

  7. Communicate with parents, faculty, staff, students and external audiences to promote the libraries.

  8. Manage and develop special activities to promote the programs of the libraries.

  9. Provide space within the libraries, and cooperate with faculty wishing to use the libraries as an exhibit space for student work and for class research projects.



  1. Monitor and ensure adherence to copyright laws.

  2. Eliminate materials which are outdated, worn or no longer used.

  3. Supervise all selection and acquisition of materials, technical services, and users’ services.

  4. Establish and maintain working procedures for library operations.

  5. Monitor the work area to ensure it is a safe and healthy workplace for employees.

  6. Attend scheduled meetings and workshops.


The Librarian is also responsible for other necessary administrative affairs and duty assigned by the Head of School.



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  • Location
    Busan, Gijang-eup
  • Department
    Teaching Staff
  • Employment Type
    1 Year Internship